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Park-Orienteering:  CSU has organized the Boston Park Series for the last 3 years, with each season consisting of 4-6 short "park" format events, on maps in the Boston metro area.

Training Clinics: informal training sessions for members, or structured clinics for Adventure-racing groups. contact us about arranging one for you!

Scheduled Events



6/7/2019Boston Sprint Camp Other
6/5/2019Park Series: Pine Banks ParkPine Banks Park
5/29/2019Park Series: Jamaica Pond Other
5/22/2019Park Series: Millennium Other
5/15/2019Park Series: Fresh Pond ParkFresh Pond
5/8/2019Park Series: Cat Rock- CHANGED TO PETERS HILLPeters Hill
5/1/2019Park Series: Nahanton Other
4/24/2019Park Series: Christian Herter Park Other
4/17/2019Park Series: Boston CommonBoston Common
6/8/2018Boston Sprint Camp TBA
6/7/2018Moakley Park Other
5/31/2018Magazine Beach Other
5/24/2018Edmands Park Other
5/17/2018North Point ParkNorth Point Park
5/10/2018Franklin ParkFranklin Park
5/3/2018Fresh PondFresh Pond
4/26/2018Peter's HillPeters Hill
4/19/2018DanehyDanehy Park
3/31/2018Spring Training DayPine Hill
6/8/20172017 Boston Sprint Camp TBA
6/8/2017Park Series: Pine Banks Pine Banks Park
5/31/2017Park Series: Magazine Beach Other
5/24/2017Park Series: Menotomy RocksMenotomy Rocks
5/17/2017Park Series: Peter's HillPeters Hill
5/10/2017Park Series: Nahanton Park Other
5/3/2017Park Series: Fresh PondFresh Pond
4/26/2017Park Series: Danehy ParkDanehy Park
4/19/2017Park Series: Christian Herter Park Other
1/11/2017Tech Talk: Purple Pen Other
11/6/2016New England Challenge Other
7/17/2016Forest XRocky Woods
6/9/2016Pine BanksPine Banks Park
6/9/20162016 Boston Sprint Camp Other
6/2/2016Boston CommonBoston Common
5/26/2016Peter's HillPeters Hill
5/19/2016Herter Park Other
5/12/2016Edmands Park Other
5/5/2016DanehyDanehy Park
4/28/2016Cat Rock ParkCat Rock Park
4/21/2016North Point ParkNorth Point Park
12/20/2015Introduction to Orienteering #6 Other
12/13/2015Introduction to Orienteering #5 Other
12/6/2015Introduction to Orienteering #4Danehy Park
11/15/2015Introduction to Orienteering #3 Other
11/8/2015Introduction to Orienteering #2 Other
11/1/2015Danehy Fall SprintDanehy Park
10/25/2015Lynn Woods Regional RaceLynn Woods
6/11/20152015 Boston Park Series: Edmands Park run-off Other
6/4/20152015 Boston Park Series: Pine Bluff Other
5/28/20152015 Boston Park Series: Menotomy RocksMenotomy Rocks
5/21/20152015 Boston Park Series: Danehy ParkDanehy Park
5/17/2015Urban Adventure Run TBA
5/14/20152015 Boston Park Series: Mystic RiverMystic River Reservation
5/7/20152015 Boston Park Series: SheepfoldPine Hill
4/30/20152015 Boston Park Series: Cat RockCat Rock Park
4/23/20152015 Boston Park Series: North Point ParkNorth Point Park
4/5/2015CSU Spring Training DayPine Hill
11/22/2014Lynn Woods Iltarastit 2014 #5 Other
11/1/2014Lynn Woods Iltarastit 2014 #4Lynn Woods
9/27/2014Lynn Woods Iltarastit 2014 #2Lynn Woods
9/14/2014Lynn Woods Iltarastit 2014 #1Lynn Woods
6/12/2014Magazine Beach Other
6/5/2014*CHANGE* to Herter Park Other
5/29/2014*CHANGE* to Menotomy Rocks ParkMenotomy Rocks
5/24/2014Memorial Day training camp Other
5/22/2014Mystic RiverMystic River Reservation
5/17/2014Urban Adventure Run Other
5/15/2014Cat Rock ParkCat Rock Park
5/8/2014Franklin ParkFranklin Park
5/1/2014Boston CommonBoston Common
4/24/2014Peter's HillPeters Hill
4/17/2014Danehy Park Danehy Park
4/6/2014Spring training dayPine Hill
1/25/2014Weston Ski O Other
11/23/2013Lynn Woods Iltarastit #5Lynn Woods
11/9/2013Lynn Woods Iltarastit #4Lynn Woods
10/12/2013Lynn Woods Iltarastit #3Lynn Woods
9/28/2013Lynn Woods Iltarastit #2Lynn Woods
9/14/2013Lynn Woods Event #1Lynn Woods
6/13/2013Park-O Finale: Pine BanksPine Banks Park
6/6/2013Park-O #8: Fresh PondFresh Pond
5/30/2013Park-O #7: Magazine Beach Other
5/23/2013Park-O #6: Mystic RiverMystic River Reservation
5/19/2013Rocky Woods Spring meetRocky Woods
5/16/2013Park-O #5: Cat RockCat Rock Park
5/7/2013Park-O #4: Newton Center PlaygroundNewton
5/5/2013Lynn Woods event + training opportunityLynn Woods
5/2/2013Park-O #3: Boston CommonBoston Common
4/25/2013Park-O #2: Peters HillPeters Hill
4/18/2013Park-O #1: DanehyDanehy Park
4/14/2013All-levels training campPine Hill
3/31/2013Urban adventure run! Other
11/4/2012Lynn WoodsLynn Woods
6/14/2012Park-O FinalsPine Banks Park
6/7/2012Park-O #8: Long PondWest Fells
5/31/2012Park-O #7: Franklin ParkFranklin Park
5/24/2012Park-O #6: Cat RockCat Rock Park
5/17/2012Park-O #5: Fresh PondFresh Pond
5/10/2012Park-O #4: Peters HillPeters Hill
5/3/2012Park-O #3: Boston CommonBoston Common
4/26/2012Park-O #2: Mystic RiverMystic River Reservation
4/21/2012UNO Nottingcook Forest Other
4/19/2012Park-O #1: DanehyDanehy Park
6/23/2011Park-O Run-off Other
6/7/2011Park-O #8: Mystic RiverMystic River Reservation
6/2/2011Park-O #7: Menotomy RocksMenotomy Rocks
5/26/2011Park-O #6: Peter's HillPeters Hill
5/19/2011Park-O #5: EsplanadeEsplanade
5/12/2011Park-O #4: Pine BanksPine Banks Park
5/5/2011Park-O #3: Cat RockCat Rock Park
4/28/2011Park-O #2: Fresh PondFresh Pond
4/21/2011Park-O #1: Danehy Park Other
4/3/2011Rocky Woods Local MeetRocky Woods
11/13/2010Rocky Woods, Local MeetRocky Woods
9/18/2010Skyline Scramble 2010 Other
6/3/2010Park-O 8: Boston CommonBoston Common
5/27/2010Park-O 7: Bear HillPine Hill
5/20/2010Park-O 6: SheepfoldPine Hill
5/13/2010Park-O 5: Franklin ParkFranklin Park
5/6/2010Park-O 4: Medford High SchoolPine Hill
4/29/2010Park-O 3: Cat Rock ParkCat Rock Park
4/22/2010Park-O 2: Peter's HillPeters Hill
4/16/2010CSU Spring Training Camp #2 Other
4/15/2010Park-O 1: Fresh PondFresh Pond
1/24/2010Weston Ski-O Other
11/8/2009Bear Hill C-meetPine Hill
11/7/2009Boojum Rock Middle Distance Other
11/1/2009Rocky Woods C-meetRocky Woods
10/24/2009Skyline Scramble Other
8/29/2009CSU Beginners ClinicPine Banks Park
5/26/2009Cat Rock Park-OCat Rock Park
5/19/2009Pine Hill Park-OPine Hill
5/12/2009Franklin Park Park-OFranklin Park
5/5/2009Peters Hill Park-OPeters Hill
4/26/2009Spring Runoff Day 2Pine Hill
4/25/2009Spring Runoff Day 1Pine Hill
4/20/2009Pine Banks Park-OPine Banks Park
4/14/2009Hammond Pond Park-OHammond Pond
11/9/2008NEOC Breakheart Reservation Other
10/25/2008NEOC Scout-O Other
10/25/2008NEOC A-meetMt. Tom
10/19/2008NEOC Wells State Park Other
10/18/2008NEOC Scout-O Other
10/4/2008NEOC Prospect Hill Other
9/21/2008Rocky Woods C-meetRocky Woods
6/26/2008Training Other
6/12/2008Training Other
5/27/2008Fresh PondFresh Pond
5/21/2008Franklin ParkFranklin Park
5/13/2008Hammond PondHammond Pond
5/6/2008Pine BanksPine Banks Park
4/30/2008Pine Hill SouthPine Hill
4/23/2008Menotomy RocksMenotomy Rocks
4/15/2008Pine Hill NorthPine Hill
6/14/2007TrainingHammond Pond
6/7/2007TrainingHammond Pond
5/30/2007Peter's HillPeters Hill
5/22/2007Franklin ParkFranklin Park
5/16/2007Waltham HSStonehurst
5/8/2007Fresh PondFresh Pond
5/1/2007Pine BanksPine Banks Park
4/28/2007TrainingHammond Pond
4/25/2007Cat Rock ParkCat Rock Park
3/4/2007Pine HillPine Hill
6/1/2006Pine BanksPine Banks Park
5/24/2006Pine HillPine Hill
5/16/2006Cat Rock ParkCat Rock Park
5/11/2006Menotomy RocksMenotomy Rocks
5/3/2006Fresh PondFresh Pond
4/25/2006Franklin ParkFranklin Park
3/5/2006Pine HillPine Hill
11/19/2005Turtle Pond Sprint (Results) Other
10/29/2005Urban Rogaine (Results)Boston USGS
9/10/2005Sprint Series Finals Other
5/21/2005Pine HillPine Hill
5/11/2005Peters hillPeters Hill
4/23/2005Mystic RiverMystic River Reservation
4/20/2005Pine HillPine Hill
4/14/2005Franklin ParkFranklin Park
4/6/2005Fresh PondFresh Pond
11/14/2004Boston CommonBoston Common
11/6/2004Menotomy RocksMenotomy Rocks
10/24/2004Pine BanksPine Banks Park
5/26/2004Peters HillPeters Hill
5/19/2004Prospect HillProspect Hill
5/5/2004Pine HillPine Hill
4/25/2004The Billygoat RunMt. Tom
4/24/2004BG SprintMt. Tom
4/24/2004BG ShortMt. Tom
4/22/2004Hammond PondHammond Pond
4/14/2004Fresh PondFresh Pond
11/23/2003Franklin ParkFranklin Park
5/28/2003#6Mystic River Reservation
5/7/2003#3Harvard University
4/30/2003#2Menotomy Rocks
4/23/2003#1Pine Banks Park
5/15/2002#6Franklin Park
5/9/2002#5Fresh Pond
5/1/2002#4Hammond Pond
4/23/2002#3Peters Hill
4/17/2002#2Harvard University
4/9/2002#1Pine Banks Park
5/26/2001Park-O #4Boston Common
5/20/2001Park-O #3Franklin Park
5/5/2001Park-O #2Peters Hill
3/10/2001Park-O #1Harvard University


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