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Park-O Finals 

Starts: Thursday, June 14, 2012 6:00 PM
Registration:  Pre-registration is optional, but requested (so we know how many maps to print) by Thursday, June 14, 2012 6:00 PM
Start Type: Interval (runners start at 1 minute intervals)
Map: Pine Banks Park
Organizer: Alex Jospe

Join us for the Post-season final of the 2012 Boston Park Series!

This event has PRE-ASSIGNED START TIMES! If you are running the advanced course, it's very important that you show up on time! (More details below)

We do accept post entries, but please try to pre-register as early as possible. It helps us plan for printing
enough maps, which are printed the night before the event.

UPDATE 6/12/2012:

We're all set for the grand finale of the 2012 Boston Park Series this Thursday at Pine Banks Park in Melrose. It's looking to be an exciting race and we'll be having a cookout afterwards, so bring some food to share and plan on hanging out for a bit afterwards.

The format for the finals will be a chasing start, which will mean that the first person across the finish line is the winner. To make it a fair race, we have seeded the start list based on the results of the series. This means that YOU MUST SHOW UP AT YOUR PRE-ASSIGNED START TIME! Otherwise we will start you when you arrive. Check the series standings for your start time.

Mathematical details on the seeding: The start list is seeded to make it a fair race by giving everyone a start time such that they "should" finish at 7pm, based on their performance during the series. In addition to the base seeding, we've given everyone a time bonus based on their overall standings at the end of the series (sum of your best 6 of 8 races). Specifically, your estimated time is scaled by your average score to the estimated winning time of 20 minutes, and you are given a time bonus of 3 minutes times your final score divided by a "maximum" score of 600 points.

Example: if your average score per race is 80 pts and you made it to 4 races for a total of 320pts, your start time is 7pm - (20min * 100pts/80pts) - (3min * 320pts/600pts) = 6:33:24pm. Any questions?

Alex set up a reverse-chase start, that is, the faster runners start later. Her calculations, based on previous
results, were designed to have everyone come up the last hill in a mob. Needless to say, this is harder to
achieve in orienteering than in a road race, but 8 people came in within a 2-minute period.

The course had a butterfly loop, where one control had to be visited 3 times. That control connected 2 loops
that were run sequentially; half the runners did them in one order the other half the reverse. That caused
some distraction to runners who were paying more attention to other runners than to their maps.

On the beginners course, David Bryant escorted his grandparents, Jan & Stan Moore around the course.

To top off the day, everyone enjoyed a great cookout. Another successful Park-O season.


Advanced3000m10m20Course data preliminary.2528
Beginner1500m10m10Course data preliminary.12

Start Location  

Available Maps:

Topozone Google Maps

a 3 minute walk from Oak Grove T station (orange line). Exit East to pkg lot. Go North 0.1 mi to the opening in the fence on your right, cross footbridge, go East 0.1 mi to Main St, then North 0.1 mi to the park entrance (pine banks rd) on your right. starts will be in the pavilion above the main parking lot.
Driving: from I-93, take Route 60 east to Malden Center. then north on Main St about a mile. Click map below for more info.

Orienteering Map

Pine Banks Park

Scale: 1:5000
Contours: 3m

mostly nice open forest, dense network of paths, abundant rock features.

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