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Park-O #4: Peters Hill 

Starts: Thursday, May 10, 2012 6:00 PM
Registration:  Pre-registration is optional, but requested (so we know how many maps to print) by Wednesday, May 9, 2012 11:59 PM
Start Type: Interval (runners start at 1 minute intervals)
Map: Peters Hill
Organizer: Vadim Afonkin

Join us for the 4th event of the 2012 Boston Park Series!

The results are in the usual place, in the standard form, but Vadim Afonkin planned a course in which we
at the finish would see people at #3, and, depending on route choice, many on the way from #12 to #13.
We were able to get splits for most at those points, so we show them here.
                                #3             12-13          finish
  1. Alex Jospe                 --             17:04           22:16
  2. Ed Despard                 --             18:37           24:05
  3. Katia Bertoldi            4:53            20:00           25:21
  4. Pia K Webb                6:10              --            25:24
  4. Giovanni Berlanda         4:00            20:38           25:24
  6. Mika Latva-Kokko          5:35            18:30           25:30
  7. Dean Sturtevant           5:12            23:20           30:57
  8. Ari Ofsevit               4:44              --            33:24
  9. Andrew Vakhutinsky        5:47            24:30           34:21
10. Peter Amram                7:15            29:08           42:20
11. Christopher Noon           6:46              --            43:38
      Ben Gallup               5:22              --              msp
      Michael Commons         35:00              --              dnf 


Advanced3500m120m17Course data preliminary.1311
Beginner1400m55m7Course data preliminary.00

Start Location  

Available Maps:

Mapquest Topozone Google Maps

Coming from the T (Orange Line): go west up the hill along the arborway (starts out above as elevated highway near the Station) for 200m or so. turn left into the arboretum at the first gate. look at the signs with maps and follow the road to Peters Hill at the south end of the arboretum. (about a mile)

Driving: See Mapquest (this is the first test!) park on the west end of Bussey St, near intersection w/ Walter St, directly north of competition area.

Orienteering Map

Peters Hill

Scale: 1:4000
Contours: 3m

Peters Hill is the southernmost section of Harvard's Arnold Arboretum. It consists mainly of a large hill in the center, and a more detailed area to the north.

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