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Park-O #2 

Starts: Saturday, May 5, 2001 10:30 AM
Registration:  Pre-registration is optional, but requested (so we know how many maps to print) by Thursday, May 3, 2001 12:00 AM
Start Type: Interval (runners start at 1 minute intervals)
Map: Peters Hill
Organizer: Ken Walker Jr

After three days of temperatures in the 90s, a cool morning was just what everyone was waiting for. Well, besides the second stage of the Boston Park Series, that is. Today a mix of elite and beginner orienteers were lucky enough to get both of these things. The weather was mostly cloudy, with a bit of drizzle before the first start, which served well to keep control-eating dogs and park-rangers at bay.
The course, designed by Jeff Saeger, was 3.32k, with 129m of climb, and included a map exchange about halfway through. The terrain varied from super-fast open with scattered trees to detailed rocky areas, and the most notable feature was the huge hill which occupied nearly the entire map. To everyone's delight, there were several opportunities to run over the top of it.

Harvard student Misha Lipatov took home the day's victory, posting the fastest time of 19:36. (5:56/k) He was first through the map exchange, and never looked back. Karen Williams was first in the womens' class, and 5th overall with 22:51 (6:51/k). The top places were all very close together, leaving little margin for error. Other notable appearences include Tim Harte, a super-fast marathon runner, and Biggins (by far the largest participant), who could not be photographed with a straight face.

After the race everyone enjoyed some drinks and cookies provided by Sara Mae and Larry Berman, and gathered to witness the random distribution of National Orienteering Day hats and compasses. Since the USOF organizers (Ed note: not Brunton) requested the Brunton sponsor supplied compasses be given away non-competetively, Larry and Nancy Koehler orchestrated the drawing of everyone's Loop A maps (with names on the back) for various items.

Thanks to everyone who participated or helped out! -KW Jr.

This event is part of the Boston Park Series 2001

Boston Park Series
Peters Hill Results

First Name   Last Name   Category   Loop A       Loop B         Total

Misha        Lipatov     M          1. 10:56      2. 08:40       1. 19:36
Boris        Granovskiy  M          2. 11:28      3. 08:46       2. 20:14
William      Hawkins     M          5. 12:44      1. 08:13       3. 20:57
Matthias     Mahr        M          3. 11:38      4. 09:26       4. 21:04
J-J          Cote        M          4. 12:00      6. 09:48       5. 21:48
Karen        Williams    F          6. 12:48      7. 10:03       6. 22:51
Timothy      Harte       M          7. 13:38      5. 09:30       7. 23:08
Greg         Walker      M          9. 14:35      8. 11:12       8. 25:47
Abi          Weeds       F          8. 13:57     12. 12:59       9. 26:56
Nancy        Koehler     F         11. 17:00     10. 12:29      10. 29:29
Ann          Jochnick    F         13. 17:33      9. 12:00      11. 29:33
Terry        Keegan      M         12. 17:13     11. 12:54      12. 30:07
Bill         Bryant      M         14. 19:54     13. 15:02      13. 34:56
Jenny        Graves      F         10. 16:50     17. 20:16      14. 37:06
Sarah        Kerman      F         16. 24:05     14. 15:02      15. 39:07
Dave         Yee         M         15. 23:50     15. 16:52      16. 40:42
Adolf        Jochnick    M         17. 27:14     16. 19:11      17. 46:25
Christopher  Noon        M         19. 35:04     18. 20:56      18. 56:00
Leslie       Turek       F         18. 33:40     19. 26:37      19. 60:17
Elisabeth    Hopkins     F         20. 39:04

Unofficially: (set courses)

Jeff Saeger  20:24


Park-O3320m129m12map exchange00

Start Location  

Available Maps:

Mapquest Topozone Google Maps

Coming from the T (Orange Line): go west up the hill along the arborway (starts out above as elevated highway near the Station) for 200m or so. turn left into the arboretum at the first gate. look at the signs with maps and follow the road to Peters Hill at the south end of the arboretum. (about a mile)

Driving: See Mapquest (this is the first test!) park on the west end of Bussey St, near intersection w/ Walter St, directly north of competition area.

Orienteering Map

Peters Hill

Scale: 1:4000
Contours: 3m

Peters Hill is the southernmost section of Harvard's Arnold Arboretum. It consists mainly of a large hill in the center, and a more detailed area to the north.

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