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Lynn Woods Iltarastit 2014 #5 

Starts: Saturday, November 22, 2014 11:00 AM
Registration:  Pre-registration is optional, but requested (so we know how many maps to print) by Saturday, November 22, 2014 11:00 AM
Start Type: Mass start (all runners start together)
Map: Other
Organizer: Larry Berman

The Lynn Woods iltarastit series is back! What is an iltarastit? A Finnish word that we think means weekly training series, but actually none of us speak Finnish, so maybe it's gibberish. This year, the events will all be held from the Pennybrook Rd entrance to Lynn Woods. Each week there will be a long and a short advanced course, as well as a beginner course, and there will always be some experts on hand who will teach you the tricks of the trade.

This week, we'll be doing a peg relay, which is an equalizer technique that forces the fastest runners to go the furthest. At each control, there are a number of streamers, and if you get to a control and there are streamers left, you must take a streamer, and run a "bonus" loop. If there are no streamers at the control, you just go on to the next "normal" control. Thus, the faster you run, the further you go!

Some additional comments - the bonus loops have pink streamers at their locations, but not e-punches. This was done because it saves a lot of time for set-up. The bonus loops are marked on the maps with dashed lines between controls. The loop of "normal" controls is the shortest loop, and will be around 2-3km (at Lynn Woods, this could take a while). If you do all the bonus loops, you'll be doing 7-8km.

Don't bother signing up online - just show up and register!

We will have our usual beginner course, as well.

Questions? Contact Alex!


Advanced5000m150m15 00
Beginner3000m100m10Similar to a yellow-orange difficulty00

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