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Lynn Woods Iltarastit 2014 #2 

Starts: Saturday, September 27, 2014 11:00 AM
Registration:  Pre-registration is optional, but requested (so we know how many maps to print) by Saturday, September 27, 2014 11:00 AM
Start Type: Mass start (all runners start together)
Map: Lynn Woods
Organizer: Larry Berman

The Lynn Woods iltarastit series is back! What is an iltarastit? A Finnish word that we think means weekly training series, but actually none of us speak Finnish, so maybe it's gibberish. This year, the events will all be held from the Pennybrook Rd entrance to Lynn Woods. Each week there will be a long and a short advanced course, as well as a beginner course, and there will always be some experts on hand who will teach you the tricks of the trade.

Each week there will be a mass start at 11am, but you are welcome to go on your own any time between 10 - noon (courses close at 1). Mass starts are just more fun.

September 14th (Sunday)
September 27th (Saturday)
November 1st (Saturday)
November 22nd (Saturday)

Questions? Contact Alex!

More details
The idea behind this series was to create something that we could set up easily and with a minimum of personnel. Hence your general lack of bells and whistles. There is one map, with all the controls printed on it, and each week there is a different course, using those controls, which has e-punch units at all the controls. You are responsible for drawing your own lines between controls, but it's not hard, and we can help if you have questions.


1. Liat Shapiro 1:39:30
2. Yusef Hayes and family 1:56:22
3. Greg Lewis 2:02:11

1. Patrick McNeal 50:52
2. Bill Binette 1:17:58
3. David Gibbs 1:53:12
4. Richard Shapiro 2:03:23
DNF Tom Jahn
DNF Yaron Shaposhnir

Short 2
1. Rhea Fagnan 1:19:44
2. Michael Commons 2:54:07
3. Gangqinhi 2:54:11
4. Shi Chenzi 2:54:13

1. Alex Jospe 53:19
2. Ernst Linder 1:00:52
3. Dean Sturtevant 1:26:47
4. Ari Ofsevit 1:29:55
5. David Quinn 1:59:36
6. Aims Coney 2:16:28


Advanced5000m150m15 10
Beginner3000m100m10Similar to a yellow-orange difficulty level10

Start Location  

Available Maps:

Topozone Google Maps

Take Rt 1 to Walnut St and travel 2.2 miles, then go left on Menlo ave and left on Pennybrook ave. There is a commuter rail stop in Lynn, and the 429 bus travels near the park.

Orienteering Map

Lynn Woods

Scale: 1:10000
Contours: 5m

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