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The Boston Park Orienteering Series

How it works / what to expect

Before the Event

If you register, and subsequently decide you're not coming, please cancel your registration! This way we will know not to expect you.

What to bring

Checking in at the event

Starting (individual starts)

In this format, people will start individually at 1-minute intervals (like a cycling time-trial).  the idea is to discourage you from simply following others.

hint: if people are starting before you, it is usually a good idea to observe which way they run away from the start...

Starting (mass starts)

In this format, everyone starts at the same time

On the Course (Normal format)

In a normal course, you will have a map with the start (triangle), up to 25 intermediate control points (circles) which you must visit in the numbered order, and the finish (double circle).  All these points will be connected with straight lines so that you can easily see which control is next in the sequence.  You don't have to run along the straight line though, you can go any way you choose. e.g. it might be faster to take a nearby trail, or go around a hill.  Once again, you must visit all the control points in the numbered order.   The objective is to complete the course in the least amount of time possible.  The winner will usually take about 20 minutes to complete the course.

On the Course (Score format)

In this alternate format, your map will have the start/finish and many controls marked, but they will not be connected with lines.  You may visit the controls in any order.  Part of the challenge is determining the best order.  The objective is to visit as many controls as you can within the time limit.  If several people get all of them,  the winner will be whoever returned the soonest.  Do not stay out past the time limit!  you will loose points (as a penalty)  for each minute you're late.  A common time limit might be 45 or 60 minutes. You should punch the controls the same way as the normal format.

Map Exchanges

Normal format only.  In some cases, if the competition area is small, or the course has several loops, there might be a map exchange. This would be announced with the course details beforehand.  In this case, you will start with only the first part of the course on your map.  when you get to the end of the section shown on your map, you will receive a new map with the rest of the course.



Results will not be posted at the event, but after most of the runners have returned, you may ask the timekeeper to show you his results sheet.  Most likely, the full results will be already posted on the website by the time you get home and clean yourself off.  It is our goal to post your time there within minutes after you finish.


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